Chris Lewit Students

Chris Lewit has extensive experience developing top national and ITF ranked players. Here is a short list of players Chris has personally developed as both a private and consultant coach over the past years. Many top players have been developed from scratch from the youngest ages rather than inherited and managed when they are older. Chris also works as a consultant coach with many players who live outside of New York.

Chris is especially well known for preparing the foundations of prodigies and talented young players.

Chris has rare experience and wisdom to guide parents and propel players to the top of the country and world.

References are available for all players.

Big Congrats to Longtime Chris Lewit Student Elana Zaretsky for winning the 2019 Little Mo National 10s!

Future Stars In The Pipeline
  • Gurbaaz and Viraaj Narang
  • Jane Dunyon
  • David Zaretsky
  • The Samabaly Twins—Adriella and Safina
  • Carrie-Ann Hoo
  • Kalista Papadopolous
  • Maggie Sohns
  • Addison Lindsay
Current And Former Champions
  • Elana Zaretsky—2019 Little Mo National 10s Champion
  • Liam Krall—5 star recruit. SMU
  • Ty Switzer - #600 ITF juniors. Top 15 USTA
  • Borna Mohac (Croatia)--#1 U14 National
  • Jacque Dunyon (Utah)--Top 15 National Recruiting
  • Julian Wu - Top 25 USTA National
  • Hudson Beaudoin--Top 40 National Tennis Recruiting
  • Daniela Benabraham-Top 15 National Tennis Recruiting
  • Shelly Yaloz - Top 40 National USTA
  • Sam Turchetta --Top 10 National USTA
  • Kyle Mautner--Top 10 National USTA. #1 UPenn
  • RJ Delnunzio - Top 10 National USTA
  • Andrew Adams - Top 15 National Tennis Recruiting
  • Juan Sheppard - Top 40 National USTA.
  • Hannah Shteyn--Top 20 National Tennis Recruiting. #1 UMiami (Ohio)
  • Sydney Fuger - Top 40 National USTA
  • Doug Yaffa (UVA) - 5 star recruit
Chris Lewit coached the 2019 Little Mo National Champ, Elana Zaretsky.

Chris has recently coached 6 girls in the Top 100 national rankings including top 20 players Elana Zaretsky, Carrie-Ann Hoo, Kalista Papadopolous, Maggie Sohns, Addison Lindsay, and Adriella Samabaly. 

In addition to the above champions, Chris has personally coached over 50 top 100 nationally ranked players in the last decade alone.

*Unscrupulous coaches will often falsely advertise players they developed or exaggerate the impact they had on a player. It's important to check references of the coach you choose to trust for your children!*