Things to Bring to CLTA Summer Camp

It’s always beneficial to show up prepared during summer camp. We’ve devised a checklist of items to keep in your bag so that you don’t have to spend any precious mental energy troubleshooting last minute issues due to your preparation oversights. 

 1. Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Although we provide housing complete with bedding, packing a sleeping bag and familiar pillow ensures your child will stay warm and comfortable. For younger children, having a familiar piece of bedding with them can be comforting.

2. Tennis Racquet

2-3 racquets minimum recommended plus a racquet bag for gear.

3. Extra Sets of Strings

Always be prepared with an extra set of tennis strings.  We also have a full pro shop and can sell string sets to you.

4. Extra Grips

Aside from carrying extra strings, make sure to bring extra grip tapes as well.

5. Tennis Clothes

Proper tennis clothing can be anything from technical sports apparel to a simple t-shirt and shorts. The most important thing is to ensure the clothing is cool and breathable for warm-weather play while also providing adequate sun protection. Don’t forget to also include a visor or baseball cap and a set of sunglasses if your child likes to wear them.

6. Warm Clothes

Pack a set of warm and water resistant clothes for the evenings or in case of poor weather. This should include sweatpants, a long-sleeved shirt, light coat, warm socks and tennis shoes or boots. Campers should also have pajamas, a pair of jeans and sandals.

7. Water Bottle

Important for staying hydrated during hours of on-court time, a water bottle is an integral part of tennis camp comfort. Write your child’s name on the bottle in permanent marker for easy identification and opt for something with a built-in handle for easy use. We will also have water for sale at the club.

8. Sports Sun Block

Sun block is a pivotal part of the packed bag. See to it that your child has sports sunblock with adequate SPF protection (50 or above is generally best for long days). Additionally, it is important to make sure the sun block is sweat- and water-proof so it stays on during games and after-tennis recreational activities such as swimming. Place the sun block in a plastic bag with your child’s name written on it and coaches will help him or her re-apply sun block several times a day during camp.

9. Bug Spray

An important comfort measure in buggy climates located near lakes or rivers, bug spray can help your child stay comfortable during camp. Tuck it in the same marked bag as the sunscreen and make coaches aware of it when you drop your child at camp.

10. Bathing Suit and Towel

Two of each recommended. For added comfort, tuck two or three bath towels into your child’s pack for use as dry extras or shower towels. For bonus packing points, include a waterproof laundry bag for easy separation of wet and dry clothing.

11. Toiletry Bag

Purchase a small, water-resistant toiletry bag and fill it with travel-sized toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and hairbrush. Depending upon your child’s needs or desires, you can also include deodorant, ChapStick, and other essentials.

12. Credit Card on File

Your child will be provided with nutritious food for breakfast and  lunch included in camp cost. Extra breakfast food and snacks will be charged to the credit card on file. Dinners will be ordered taken out from local restaurants and players will need to pay with a credit card on file.  In addition, other miscellaneous charges, like laundry fees for example, will also be charged to the card.

13. River Tube and Water Toys

When the weather is warm, river tubes are a great way to have fun outdoors. Your child can use them to relax on our river and sometimes we take a team river tubing trip. We have an amazing swimming hole onsite and players can bring water toys to have fun in the river.

14. River Water Shoes

Your kids should be prepared for water sports, river tubing, hiking on wet terrains, swimming and other aquatic fitness sessions. Please bring water shoes that are tight fitting and will not fall off in the river.

15. Bandanna or Neck Gaiter

We prefer players wear a UV sun gaiter or UV sun bandanna around their necks. Masks can get lost and dirty easily. Please bring several bandannas/gaiters. Make sure they are lightweight. It’s easy to cut a bandanna in half to cut its weight. Some simple cotton bandannas are inexpensive and provide sun protection and can be used as a face covering if needed.

16. Medication

It is important to remember to pack any prescription medications or supplements your child may need while at camp. These things should be individually bagged with instructions for use, marked with your child’s name, and left with Chris.

17. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used to prevent hands and feet slipping during practice or exercise.

18. Notebook and Pencil

Make sure to bring a notebook and pencil to take note of all important notes and lectures given by Chris.

19. Jumping Rope

A jumping rope can raise your heart rate two to three times faster than other exercises and offer the same aerobic building benefits as running with less impact on the joints.

20. 18-Inch Foam Roller

A roller's textured surface increases blood flow, while the firm hollow core design provides deep tissue relief. The 18" size allows for double arm and double leg work to loosen tight muscles, improve mobility, and relieve stress.

21. Room Fan

Keep the room's air circulating and cool by bringing your own room fan.

22. Black MountainStackable Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Stackable Resistance Band set comes with 5 stackable bands of varying resistance, cushioned foam handles, a door anchor, ankle strap, exercise chart and resistance band carrying case. These are made from the highest quality rubber to ensure maximum durability.

23. Black Mountain Therapy Resistance Exercise Bands Set of 3

Includes carrying case, a door anchor, and exercise guide. Ideal for physical therapy, exercise, and general fitness. Provides 3 levels of resistance.

24. Secrets of SpanishTennis Book

The Secrets of Spanish Tennis authored by Chris Lewit and Lluis Bruguera (foreword) provides an excellent overview of the main characteristics and reasons why tennis in Spain has been so successful.