Building Prodigies and High Performance Technical Development Workshop

14 hours CEU continuing education credit authorized by PTR. 7 hours continuing education credit approved by USPTA.

Come visit the picturesque mountains of Vermont when they are blanketed with beautiful sheets of pristine white snow, ski the resort mountains, hike and enjoy the stunning natural beauty and scenic vistas, and visit the quaint villages that make Vermont famous.

Learn the secrets of building world-class technique and footwork from Chris Lewit, leading junior development coach and architect of tennis prodigies.  Chris authored the popular book, The Tennis Technique Bible, and he is an expert on technique and applied biomechanics, especially for young children.

Learn the methods Chris has used to develop
dozens of top-ranked high performance junior prodigies from a very young age.  Chris will also discuss the unique psychological and emotional aspects involved with the training of gifted children.

While the workshop is focused on the technical training of athletically talented children, most of the exercises and principles can be applied to adults and children of all ability levels.

Feb 18th and 19th at CLTA Vermont
3997 VT 100
Londonderry, VT 05148

$445, which includes a signed copy of Chris’s book. Snacks and drinks provided. Meals not included.

10 percent discount for PTR members--and any first responders such as FIRE, POLICE,EMS, MILITARY, etc.  Additional 5% off for USPTA members.

Workshop Official Hotel:
Upper Pass Lodge

Ski Resorts (within 10 minute drive from club):

The main curriculum draws from The Tennis Technique Bible and is focused on building world-class fundamentals in four key technical areas:

1.  Footwork, Movement, and Balance
2.  The Forehand
3.  The Two-Handed and One-Handed Backhand
4.  The Slice and Straight Power Serve, with a special unit focusing on the Kick Serve.

Chris will discuss concepts from the book with additional topics and exercises based on requests from the group.

While attendees will learn Chris’s model of technical development, there is a heavy emphasis on learning the method of developing technique, which is modular and can be adapted to each coach’s personal vision and belief of what world-class technique should be.

This is a hands-on practical coaching skill building workshop and most of the instructional time is spent on court rather than studying abstract theoretical or biomechanical concepts in the classroom.

Chris will spend extensive time mentoring and guiding coaches ON COURT so that they can learn practical methods and skills and know how to apply theoretical technical concepts in real coaching situations.  

Daily schedule:


Monday Feb 18th

Footwork, Movement and Balance
The Forehand

10-1030 Check In

1030-11 Welcome and Introductions

11-12  Movement, Footwork and Balance

12-1 Lunch 

1-3  Movement, Footwork and Balance continued


3- 6pm The Forehand 

Free time

Tues Feb 19th

The Backhand
The Serve

8-10 The Two-Handed Backhand


10-12. The One-Handed Backhand

12-1 Lunch

1-3  Serve Fundamentals


3-430  Keys to the Kick Serve 

430-5  Wrap-Up and Certificates

14 hours of small group instruction, mentoring, and guidance directly from Chris Lewit.

"Chris gives a great workshop allowing students to ask a wide variety of questions. It was a fantastic time getting to pick his brain with specific examples. He knows his stuff and is happy to share it with anyone who wants to learn."  
--Michael Cable, PTR

The question of, "what is Spanish tennis" is a thought provoker and a key to highly successful tennis players. Over our two day workshop, Chris took the time to discuss the Spanish system and convert to on court application. He allowed us time to practice the concepts, do the drills and provided valued feedback. There is a beautiful, but purposeful simplicity to the Spanish method that I now believe to be a key to the success of the Spanish system and Chris's. I thank you for hosting this training as it allowed me to see the process from a perspective I had not done before. Thank you for your personal attention and passion for coach/player development. 
--Zach White, PTR and former ATP player

2018-2019 Coach Workshop Calendar

Oct 8-9:  Secrets of Spanish Tennis

Jan 21:  Advanced Spanish Exercises

Feb 18-19:  Building Prodigies/Technique

April 1:  Building the Spanish Forehand

April 15:  Keys to the Kick Serve