In Episode 74 of the Prodigy Maker Show, Chris delves into the intriguing world of modern tennis grips, focusing on the Western Forehand grip structure that has become synonymous with the success of players like Iga Swiatek, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

Key Notes:

  • The rise of Swiatek, the first number 1 with a Western grip.
  • The success of Djokovic and Nadal, with near-western grips.
  • Should the parameters for acceptable grip structures be expanded?
  • Is a Bevel 5 western grip workable in today’s modern game.
  • Is a Bevel 6 western trip too extreme?
  • Will the future of tennis be more extreme grips closer to Bevel 5?
  • Advantages of the western grip
  • Disadvantages of the western grip
  • Myths about the western grip
  • Advice for coaches and players regarding grips for the forehand

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Listen to our podcast: SoundCloud - Prodigy Maker Show Episode 74

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Who is Chris Lewit? 

Chris Lewit is a former number one for Cornell and pro-circuit player. He is a high-performance coach, educator, and the author of two best-selling books:

  • The Secrets of Spanish Tennis
  • The Tennis Technique Bible

He has coached numerous top 10 nationally-ranked players and is known for his expertise in building the foundations of young prodigies. Chris is currently working towards an advanced degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a focus on Biomechanics. Chris coaches in NYC and year-round at his high-performance tennis academy in Manchester, Vermont, where players can live and train the Spanish Way full-time or short-term.