Join us on February 21st at CLTA Vermont.

Learn about the philosophies and drills from Chris Lewit he learned from tennis legends Luis Bruguera,  Willam Pato Alvarez, and Toni Nadal.

Weekly Academy Training in Vermont

Chris is now teaching private and semiprivate lessons from Monday - Saturday at the club.

High-Performance Training in New York

Train with Chris at the Tennis Club of Hastings every Sunday. You can join the High-Performance class from 04:00 - 06:00 PM or schedule a private lesson.

Online Next Generation Spanish Inspired Tennis School

CLTA Online offers world-class, modern Spanish inspired instruction directly from Chris to anyone in the world--at anytime.

Summer Camp 2022

In the summer, Chris offers a world-class sleep-away high-performance training camp for beginning--but serious--children to advanced national/international players.

The Prodigy Maker Show - New Episodes!

The Spanish Way To Attack The Net - The Prodigy Maker Show Episode 57

In this episode of The Prodigy Maker Show, Chris discusses the Spanish Way to attack the net. Learn how one of the top developmental coaches in the world teaches the volley and transition game.

In Spain, the coaches typically teach going to the net in a conservative and cautious way and with some unique strategy elements.

Chris also busts a lot of myths that he commonly sees regarding net play and the transition game. Many coaches are teaching a very outdated style of approaching the net.

Learn about how to train the net and transition game the Spanish Way and how to stop teaching or playing the net in an outdated way—all on this great show!

Just in case you missed previous episodes of The Prodigy Maker Show!

Who is Chris Lewit? 

Chris Lewit is a former number one for Cornell and pro-circuit player. He is a high-performance coach, educator, and the author of two best-selling books:

  • The Secrets of Spanish Tennis
  • The Tennis Technique Bible

He has coached numerous top 10 nationally-ranked players and is known for his expertise in building the foundations of young prodigies. Chris is currently working towards an advanced degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a focus on Biomechanics. Chris coaches in NYC and year-round at his high-performance tennis academy in Manchester, Vermont, where players can live and train the Spanish Way full-time or short-term.