High-Performance Training at CLTA Vermont this August

Players can train full-time as day campers only. Another week will follow before school starts.

  • Week 1: August 22 - August 28
  • Week 2: August 29 - September 4

We accept day-campers only. Sign up now!

Weekend High-Performance Training in New York

Later this month, Chris will be coaching in New York City on Sunday, August 21st, and Saturday, August 27th.

Please contact Chris if you want to train privately on one of those days.

The Prodigy Maker Show - New Episodes!

Observations From My June 2022 Spain Study Trip - Prodigy Maker Show Episode 62

In this episode of the Prodigy Maker Show, Chris discusses his study trip to Spain in June 2022 while he researched for his new book, Secrets of Spanish Tennis 2. Chris answers the audience’s questions about Spanish tennis and junior development.

On the show, Chris talks about the following:

  • His reflections from his most recent Spain trip. The heritage and history of Sanchez-Casal Academy, now known as Emilio Sanchez Academy.
  • Why ESA is still a world-class academy and still special
  • The influence of RNA (Rafael Nadal Academy) on the world and other Spanish academies
  • The sad closing of the Bruguera Academy. It will be missed!
  • The reconstitution of the Bruguera Academy as the Bardou Competition Team
  • The sad passing of legendary Spanish coach William Pato Álvarez
  • The incredible Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Academy in Villena
  • Meeting Carlos Alcaraz
  • How much Juan Carlos Ferrero charges for a private lesson?
  • The influence of Antonio Cascales, the legendary Spanish coach whom most people have never heard of
  • Whether UTR is in big trouble for the future
Just in case you missed previous episodes of The Prodigy Maker Show!

Who is Chris Lewit? 

Chris Lewit is a former number one for Cornell and pro-circuit player. He is a high-performance coach, educator, and the author of two best-selling books:

  • The Secrets of Spanish Tennis
  • The Tennis Technique Bible

He has coached numerous top 10 nationally-ranked players and is known for his expertise in building the foundations of young prodigies. Chris is currently working towards an advanced degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a focus on Biomechanics. Chris coaches in NYC and year-round at his high-performance tennis academy in Manchester, Vermont, where players can live and train the Spanish Way full-time or short-term.