Message from Chris Lewit

Dear Parents,

Thank you for training with me and my team in the mountains of Vermont. I am proud of our camp that personalizes the training for every player—one player, one project. To that end, please let me know if you need follow-up notes or guidance on training for your player or his or her coach. I prefer to follow up by phone or with notes rather than send generic report cards out as many camps do.

Please consider training with me every Sunday in New York if you live within driving distance. If you live farther away, please consider joining me during school breaks and vacations at the academy in Manchester, Vermont. I am coaching players from around the world there every week year-round.

I think one of the aspects that makes this summer camp special is that players can continue their training with me during the school year either in Vermont or in New York. That’s sometimes essential for continued growth and development.

See you on the courts soon!

High-Performance Training in New York

Chris will be back in New York every Sunday training players weekly starting end of August! Contact us now to reserve your schedule.

Weekly Academy Training in Vermont

Weekly academy training will resume in Vermont starting at the beginning of September. Come for a training visit!

Upcoming Tournament

$5000 CLTA Babolat Fall Foliage Classic

October 9-10, 2021

This is one of the premier prize money events in New England, in its 4th year held at the Chris Lewit Tennis Academy. 

The Prodigy Maker Show - New Episodes!

The Prodigy Maker Show Episode 53: Bad Tennis Lessons

Chris discusses the myriad ways coaches give bad tennis lessons and helps parents and players to know what red flags to look out for.

Chris touches on the following topics

  • Red flags in red, orange, green 10U group classes and privates. What to watch out for.
  • Red flags everywhere:
    • The 350 ball carts
    • The pot-bellied coach!
    • The technical only coach!
    • The tactical only coach!
    • Coaches who check their phone or worse
    • And many more pitfalls found in bad tennis lessons!

Chris also discusses bad tennis camps and academies and shares a brief primer on what he sees as the worst offense in an academy or camp setting:

  • Is the director on court working with players and overseeing coaches?
  • Is the fitness serious and professional or a joke?
  • What is the number of players in the camp and what is the coach/court to student ratio?
  • And more insight!

Arm yourself with good knowledge from Chris to avoid bad tennis lessons, sessions, and camps!


Just in case you missed previous episodes of The Prodigy Maker Show!

Who is Chris Lewit? 

Chris Lewit is a former number one for Cornell and pro-circuit player. He is a high-performance coach, educator, and the author of two best-selling books:

  • The Secrets of Spanish Tennis
  • The Tennis Technique Bible

He has coached numerous top 10 nationally-ranked players and is known for his expertise in building the foundations of young prodigies. Chris is currently working towards an advanced degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a focus on Biomechanics. Chris coaches in NYC and year-round at his high-performance tennis academy in Manchester, Vermont, where players can live and train the Spanish Way full-time or short-term.