Awesome Attacks (DVD)

Features and Benefits

See the inside secrets and keys for successfully executing approach shots and mastering the transition game!

  • Learn in-depth strategies for hitting approach shots and being in transition – including the importance of pace and topspin, in addition to proper ball-placement when hitting approach shots.
  • Watch a detailed discussion about tactical positioning when hitting approach shots and transitioning on the court. 
  • Receive an array of the best drills and skill-improvement exercises for improving the way a player attacks approach shots and masters the transition game.

In this instructional tennis coaching video, Chris Lewit, a Certified USTA High-Performance Coach, outlines the teaching techniques and skill-improvement guidelines needed for mastering the transition game by attacking with an approach shot.

Coach Lewit breaks down his video into three parts for teaching players how to improve in the transition game: teaching, tactical and drills/exercises; it includes an examination about how and why the return shot is often the least-practiced shot in all of tennis, as well as providing a wealth of teaching tips on mastering this shot!

Footwork, Techniques & Court Positions

Coach Lewit opens the video talking about how footwork and technique, as well as covering the body position and stance one should use when hitting an approach shot. He also covers highly valuable information about transition and how to best explode forward after hitting the approach shot.

Transition and explosion are especially important because players need to utilize proper footwork and technique when hitting an approach shot and master a knowledge of how to transition to different positions on the court. 

Approach Shot Strategy & Drills/Exercises

Coach Lewit then leads a helpful lesson on how players think about the game of tennis and their strategy for hitting approach shots and being in transition – with a thought-provoking discussion on thinking about what your opponent might be thinking and how to use variety in the different shots that a player hits. He stresses the importance of pace and topspin, in addition to ball placement when hitting approach shots.

Next, Coach Lewit shares some of his favorite drills and exercises to attack approach shots and to master the transition game. He begins with hand feeding, which is good for focusing on footwork and technique, followed by racket-feeding drills and a variety of single-ball drills, two-ball drills and four-ball drills to help players improve on the transition game and teach them how to attack all three zones on the court.